A SMET-box result in

1 Sharp decreas or elimination of paratuberculosis
2  Less intense mastitis
3 A healthier livestock with more resistance

Additional advantages are, inter alia, reduction in costs and more convenience in work.

The SMET-box
The Anti-para box consists of 8 small LED lights which light up 23 times a day.
Due to a specific combination of frequencies is the box able to eliminate the paratuberculosis-causing bacteria within the cow, goat, sheep and the cowshed gradually (up to a distance of 50m).

Already used by a lot of farmers

There are already a lot of farmers who gain profit of the box. Results show that the clinical cases of paratuberculosis diminished significantly within months. Moreover, it is almost expelled in most cases within a year.

The dominantly thought by buying was: ‘The investment is profitable, even when it saves just one cow’


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