What is the SMET-box?
The SMET-box is a properly closing box. The technology is incorporated within the box. It sends every hour a combination of specific vibrations which oppress certain bacteria. These were discovered by accident and it has proved for several times that it has positive effects for both combating and preventing paratuberculosis

The same idea as the radio
You could compare it with a radio signal, since that works with electromagnetic vibrations as well. The only difference is that the specific vibrations of the SMET-box are able to keep the cattle healthy.

Effects on cows, goats and sheeps

The box has effects on cows, goats and sheeps. It has already been used for these animals and it has worked out well. It has not been tested for other species of animals yet, so we can't say anything about that.

What are the effects?
The main effect is combating and oppressing paratuberculosis. Other additional effects are combating and oppressing mastitis and other diseases. Mastitis is proved and there is a great presumption for some other diseases.

A negative effect has not been detected yet.

What maintenance does it entail?
There is just one thing you have to do: replacing the battery two times a year (± €5). The box itself doesn't require any maintenance. The vast majority of the boxes have worked without any hassles since its purchase.



SMET is an abbreviation for Stimulated Magnetic Energy Technology.


The resistance of the cows will improve by the anti-para box.